We’re here for you any time! If your child experiences a dental emergency, call our emergency line: 210-742-7200

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There are a few things you can do to ease pain and make treatment more effective before you bring your child in to the office.

Fractured (Broken or Chipped) Tooth

If your child breaks a permanent tooth, start by having them rinse with warm water. Then determine the size of the break and if there’s any bleeding from the tooth, as this could indicate that nerves are exposed. If you can locate the tooth fragment, place it in milk and call us immediately.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Tooth - Permanent

If your child has a permanent tooth knocked out, hold only the crown and not the root, and gently rinse the tooth in cool water. Don’t scrub or use soap. If possible, place back in the socket and hold in in place with clean gauze or a washcloth. If you can’t re-insert the tooth, place in a container with milk, saline solution, or water. We may be able to save the tooth, so call us immediately.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Tooth – Primary

Do not try to re-insert a primary tooth as you may risk damage to the developing permanent tooth underneath. Contact us as soon as possible.


Toothaches can happen for several reasons. If your child’s tooth hurts, rinse the mouth with water and look for anything that might be caught between them. Next, use a cold compress to ease the pain. Keep in mind that heat, aspirin, or topical pain relievers can all cause damage to the gums. Children’s pain reliever can be given orally. Motrin is more effective than Tylenol as it reduces swelling. Please contact us if you’re unable to determine the source of discomfort and the pain continues.

Fractured (Broken) Jaw

If you suspect that your child has a broken jaw, go immediately to the emergency room.


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you during our regular office hours. If this is a dental emergency, please call 210-742-7200.

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